better days

Another wind ensemble rehearsal last night, and I am still loving it. More importantly, so far I'm still in the group!

And not too bad of a day today, either. I am leaving work shortly for a company reception/lunch/party at south street seaport, and then heading home a little early. Plenty of time to practice, catch up on 90210 and The Fringe from last night and make some peanut butter fudge to send my grandfather for his birthday. Which is today. Better late than never, I suppose.


Thais said...

thank you so much for donating to my bro-in-law! I (as well as Marco) appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are still enjoying yourself!

Fudge sounds good! I am sure he will love it no matter when it gets there.

ThatOneRedhead said...

You left a comment right above me on the MamaPop Dove giveaway and we have the same name, so I thought I would stop and say hi. So...Hi!

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