If you're not already using Pandora, you're truly missing out. It's the only way to listen to music on the computer. Free! Personalized! Commercial-free! I've got several radio stations created, but my favorites are Jack Johnson Radio and Miles Davis Radio. It takes the artists (or songs) you enter and plays those artists, mixed in with other songs/artists it thinks you will like. You can give each song a thumbs up, so it knows to include that song again, or a thumbs down, so it knows not to play it again.

Pandora has made the last month at work sharing a small, open space with three other people at work bearable. Today, finally, I am being moved to a quiet, more private cube with filing space for my work. But I will definitely continue to use Pandora. Check it out!

And no, I was not paid to advertise Pandora. As though someone would pay a blogger with a grand total of 10 readers for anything. As much as I might like to be, Dooce I am not. I suppose you actually have to post some worthwhile content more than once a month to gain readers. Probably can't count this post as worthwhile content, either, can I?


ThatOneRedhead said...

I adore Pandora! I keep finding new music because of them, like Regina Spektor and The Veronicas. (Not that they're obscure or anything, but I do live under a rock.)

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