Last Tuesday, I had my first concert in more than 5 years. I performed selections from West Side Story, with a local university wind ensemble and 8 singers. As I mentioned before, I was nervous about the music because it's difficult, I'm rusty, and also I've never played a show before, or played in a pit orchestra. I've done almost everything else - concert band, wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz, band, brass ensemble/brass quintet... but never played in a show.

The dress rehearsal went pretty well, we only ran about 15 minutes past the usual rehearsal end time, and I went home knowing I had more work to do before the concert, but also believing I could do it. I practiced the music daily, and I downloaded West Side Story on iTunes and started listening to it constantly.

Tuesday evening came quickly. I was ready for it! I left work early, met a bus at the university to take me to the high school where we performed. We had a quick sound check, and I had a good warm-up. The high school band parents were good enough to cook a fabulous meal for all of us, which I enjoyed very much. And then we were on!

I cannot remember the last time an hour and a half flew by so quickly. I immediately lost myself in the music and as soon as we began, it was over. It was a total rush to perform with a group again, especially a wind ensemble, and I can't wait for the next concert.

I did it!



Anonymous said...

YAY! Sounds like a great show! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had fun working so hard to get better for yourself and for the show! Wish we could have been there with you!

Anonymous said...

WOOT WOOT AND HUZZAH!!!!!! Keep it up but FIND a NEW teacher!!!

with love from the HUZZAH queen!

Katherine said...

I wish I could have played in the band with you, or at least attended... that's one of my very favorite musicals of all time! Yay for you for doing it! Yippee :)

Elena said...

I knew you could do it!

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