After Greg died, one of the many horrifying decisions my parents and I had to make was where to have donations sent in his name. We came up with two organizations, one of which is the Appalachian Mountain Club. Greg was a member, and loved the outdoors with passion. He was into backpacking, hiking and rock climbing in particular. The Appalachian Mountain Club established a fund in his name to help kids spend time outdoors through their programs, to learn and gain an appreciation for nature. Kids who might not otherwise have these opportunities. Last spring, my parents were contacted about featuring him in their newsletter. They interviewed my parents, and then me. The article, published in their Summer 2008 AMC in Connecticut newsletter, was a fitting tribute to my brother (click the image to view it full-size):


Elena said...

That's a really wonderful tribute to Greg, and I especially love when you're quoted at the end.

maresi said...

I can't remember when I saw this the first time, but I was very glad to see it again. It's a very true picture of your brother. LOVE YOU.

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