you have nothing better to do, right?

Hi there. It's just me again, wasting your clicking time to conform with NaBloPoMo.

The Christmas Fair went really well today. There were a lot of people eating lunch and buying bake sale items, handmade knit things and crafts. I worked really hard in the kitchen, but also spent some time catching up with people I haven't seen in a while, which was great.

I spent some time this afternoon afterward looking at the beautiful handmade bags made by my Aunt Bevie. We talked about Etsy, and I told her she should open up a shop on there. She'd spent some time looking there recently, and may consider it. If she does, I'll pass along the link, because you really can't find prettier handmade bags (purses, tote bags, makeup bags, etc.) anywhere.

I also visited Grandfather to get some photos and information for a highlight this coming week -- on Veteran's Day I'll be paying a tribute to him and his service to our country. So I promise, there is real content coming soon!


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