Christmas Fair

I'm taking the bus up to CT this afternoon to spend the weekend with my parents and help out with the Christmas Fair at church. My mom, as usual, and to her credit, took on a huge burden of work and is making the food and is running the kitchen. This way people shopping at the fair can buy lunch to support the church and eat yummy food. And she needs my help! It will be fun, though; I'm looking forward to it.

Plus, I love seeing her in action -- when my mother takes something on, she is not kidding! Though I talked to her this morning and she was running around like a nut with a million things to do, I'm sure the food will be amazing and she will be organized and ready. But I guess I better nap on the bus if I plan on getting any rest this weekend... :)

Oh -- and you can blame NaBloPoMo for the waste of time it was to click over here today. Who knew November was such a long-ass month?!


maresi said...

but the best part of november comes at the end! (hint, hint.)

I know what you mean about your mom - she works harder than anyone I have ever known. She does NOT fool around!

Wish I could join you all... but December will be here before we know it!

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