big yellow glasses

As I mentioned on Saturday, my parents came to visit this past weekend. They came to celebrate the 3rd Annual MLM (Mary Liz & Mike) Birthday Weekend Gala. Or whatever it was we're calling it this year. Mike's and my mom's birthdays are a week apart, so we've started a tradition where we get together each year around the time of their birthdays to celebrate.

This year, our weekend included shopping in SoHo (much to Mike's and my dad's immense enjoyment, as you might imagine) and dinner at the Light Horse Tavern on Saturday. And Sunday we went to the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge to watch NYC Marathon runners arriving in Manhattan from Queens, around mile 16 of their run. It was an extremely inspiring and fascinating thing to watch, and I am so glad we did that. Then, in the afternoon, we went to see Mamma Mia, which we had gotten discount tickets for at the TKTS booth on Saturday morning. It's one of my favorite shows, so much fun and so full of platform boots!

When my parents first arrived on Friday evening, they showed up with big yellow glasses. Those of you who remember our Halloween Box may already know what I am talking about! Growing up, we had a large box in which any dress-up or Halloween outfits, accessories, etc., were kept. It contained everything from witch hats and capes, clown suits, wigs and glasses to suits ripped with holes and covered with patches (we dressed sometimes as hobos in those, and sometimes as clowns) and an old lady mask and matching dress, worn by my father one Halloween. And everything in between. We called it the Halloween Box, but Greg and I used it year-round, whenever we had a need for any type of dress-up or costume.

A favorite from the box was the enormous yellow clown glasses. There were two pairs, and they were well- and often-used. My parents chose these as the perfect thing to greet trick-or-treaters with at our door. It was a good laugh and it brought back so many memories.

Also bringing back memories were the two boxes full of records my parents brought with them. I now have a record player in my house; my parents gave it to me for my birthday. It does a great job with playing the old records and it's a fun, rich sound. I'm enjoying it. So my parents brought down their old records for us, and we listened to many of them while we were handing out candy, eating dinner, and playing Canasta. My parents were having so much fun hearing their old records again, they were inspired to dance.


Anonymous said... guys had a busy but exciting weekend! Sounds like a great amount of fun to me! Love the yellow glasses!

Katherine said...

Sounds like a great time! I loved those glasses :) Glad you all had so much fun :)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the Cher wig that Ted wore that Halloween. :)


maresi said...

Oh, the memories are flooding back seeing those glasses. LOVE IT.

Thais said...

how much do i love your parents?!

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