black friday

Well, we survived black Friday... we just left the Kittery outlets and we're on our way back to CT. It wasn't as crowded as I expected, though that may have more to do with the economy than anything else. It was very busy all day, but not unbearably so. I got a lot of Christmas shopping done and there were some really good deals. Plus we ate a delicious seafood lunch, which for some of us (I won't name any names), included a 2-lb lobster. Now we are at the beginning of our three hour car ride home, and I fully intend to crash when we get back, which is why you are only getting this short little in-transit post today.

Did anyone else shop today? Was it crowded? Did you find good sales?


Anonymous said...

We shopped some - busy but not crazy - didn't go until 4:30 - will head out again early tomorrow morning!! LOBSTER - yummy!!! We did find some good buys!

Love Auntie Patty

Anonymous said...

I went out early in the morning and didn't bother waiting in there after the mob entered the store. Took about an hour to squeeze my way through the store and got everything I wanted. Great sales and some really great gifts!

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