hot fudge sauce

This morning, Gram and my Uncle Richard stopped by on their way to the airport. They are spending the holiday weekend with my Aunt Jeanne in California. Last year, my mom and her sisters, and Gram, spent Thanksgiving at Jeanne's, and this year Gram and Uncle Richard are going. We had just made a fresh batch of hot fudge to go with dessert today, and mom opened the lid for Gram. She didn't waste a second and had her finger in the jar. Nothing like a scoop of hot fudge to start your day, especially when that day includes 6 hours on a plane!

They should be at Jeanne's by now, enjoying the warm weather and good company. I'm looking forward to hearing about their trip.

Now, though, I'm off to bed. I'll be up again in only a few short hours, and we'll be on our way up to Maine for a day of shopping and good eats. To quote my cousin Anna, "That should be fun and not crowded at all." Yeah. Something like that! Wish us luck.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Elena said...

Good luck on this black Friday! I hope the trip was successful!

maresi said...

I can JUST hear Anna saying that! HAHA! I LOVE those photos. CLASSIC GRAM.

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