christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree today! I can't wait to decorate it tomorrow. Since we will be out of town from before Christmas through the first weekend in January (except for a couple of brief stops back home), we'll have to get rid of the tree early. So this way we'll have plenty of time to enjoy it.

We are still in CT, though. We were planning to leave tomorrow morning so we would have enough time to get the tree back home. However, it turns out it's going to be snow/sleet/pouring rain tomorrow, and we don't really have a place to leave a tree outdoors to dry out. With visions of a large tree drying out in our bathtub, we decided to get the tree up here, stuff it in the car, and drive it back to Jersey.

We actually got the tree at a tree farm where my brother used to work. Several Christmases, he and I went up there to get the tree, and got to walk up the hill to their private stock and choose a tree to cut down. It was nice to be there, but hard to see one of the owners of the tree farm, who was Greg's former boss and also the mom of one of his friends.

I think we are a little insane for driving a tree to Jersey in our rental car, but better that than picking out a tree in pouring rain. I'll post a picture of it once we get it inside and decorated!


maresi said...

that is awesome... we won't get ours for a couple of weeks, probably. good luck getting it home safe and sound!

maresi said...

oh, and the reason we won't get it till later is because we have to drive 90 minutes to the nearest tree farm to cut down our own tree so that it will last longer than 5 days, unlike the pre-cut trees for sale all over the place that were cut before thanksgiving somewhere north of here. That's living near the equator for you.

Anonymous said...

At least your car will smell really good all the way home.

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