yes we can

Today, we are a nation choosing to embrace hope and progress. We share this joyous moment with our neighbors and friends, and even with strangers we pass on the street. There is palpable joy in the air this morning. We have come together to tell the world we are ready for change and this is the man we choose to help us do that!

Yesterday we turned up at the polls in record numbers. Lines were long, and there was confusion, but we didn't care. We were part of something big and we did what it took to participate. Last night we watched with anticipation as state after state turned blue on TV. Battleground states Pennsylvania, then Ohio, then Florida, and finally Virginia, all turned blue.

We needed only to wait for the west coast polls to close. By 10:55, Obama had 220 electoral votes, according to most counts. The pundits on every channel were practically clamping their hands over their mouths to stop themselves announcing Obama as the president-elect before the California polls officially closed and they could count its 51 electoral votes. But that was all it took -- by 11:01, every channel had it out there. Obama started out strong and never looked back.

We listened to a solemn but positive and well-written speech by Senator McCain. He was extremely gracious in the face of such a defeat. He asked his supporters to get behind our president-elect, and he recognized the momentous occasion this is for our country. It was a complete u-turn from his campaign; it was a very good speech, and for that, he has my respect.

And then we turned our attention to Grant Park in Chicago. We listened to our president-elect talk about change, progress and hope. We focused on the success of our democracy, so many years after the idea was conceived by the founders of our country. We marked the progress of our country, which not so very long ago did not allow black people the basic right to vote. We watched with tears of joy as the man we have chosen to lead our country presented himself and his family to us with joy. We are ready for hope instead of fear.

Today we celebrate, and we deserve it. But tomorrow, there is work to be done. Don't forget that this is not the end. It is the beginning. This president-elect we fought so hard for now has to actually do the job. He faces immense pressure and unfathomable tasks ahead. We are handing over to him a country that needs his help. But without our support, and our continued participation in this democracy, he doesn't stand a chance. So remember this feeling. Remember the pride, the joy and the hope. Hang on to those feelings and don't let go. It is the best way we can help him lead us.

Yes we can!


Elena said...

We can, and we did! :)

Thais said...

i am feeling so awesome and proud----how i felt BEFORE W--- I actually am happy to be an American again!

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