One afternoon last week, I found myself wandering around a bookstore. I had run in quickly, intending to grab a gift that I needed and get back to the office. I should have known better, as I tend to get sucked in when I'm in a bookstore. Time flies past and I have no concept of it. It was almost an hour later when I finally snapped out of it and realized I needed to get going.

On my way out, I passed a display of the Twilight series. I had been hearing so much about this book (and the movie), that I stopped to look at the first book, Twilight. I had heard a lot of positive, no, RAVE, reviews, but I had also heard the opposite, and everything in between. I was curious, so I added it to my pile and rushed back to work. I had to admit I was skeptical, though, based on some of what I'd heard.

The next day, on a bus ride up to CT, I started reading it. I couldn't stop. I didn't move a muscle except to turn pages the entire way. Late that night, when I finally crashed into bed, I started reading again. An hour later, I unwillingly forced myself to stop. I did the same thing, even later, the following night. And Sunday, on the bus ride back to the city, I was actually mad when the bus arrived on time at Port Authority and I had to stop reading. I had only about fifty pages left. I took the subway home, consumed with this book.

Arriving there, I greeted Mike, he went off to bed, and I sat down to finish the book. I dreamed all night about Bella and Edward. It was all I could think about, and I had to have the next book. I forced myself to wait until lunchtime yesterday, and went out with a friend to the bookstore. I bought all three of the remaining books, and started the second one last night. I am over 300 pages in and it is all I can think about.

These books are so descriptive, so vivid, that I can watch it play out as if it were happening before my eyes. I am in love with the main characters and completely consumed with what is happening to them. I don't want to do anything except read, but I am terrified of getting to the end of the last book and losing the characters.

It has thrown me into a flood of emotions and experiences that aren't even mine, but manage to be so real. In some ways, it brings me back into those enhanced, overbearing feelings of adolescence, but in other ways, shows me real, mature love and the power of mind over matter.

I feel utterly ridiculous at my strong response to the books, the level of obsession completely void of reason. But I can't help it. I am sucked in, absorbed, consumed -- I know I keep saying consumed but it is the only accurate description I can come up with. No words seem to match the power the story has over me.

Part of me wants to tear through these books as fast as I can read them; I have to know what happens. Part of me wants to savor them as slowly as possible, because I can't bear the thought of having it end. I know how strange I sound, believe me. I have to keep reminding myself to snap back to the present and remember to live my life. Not Bella and Edward's life. I just can't help but wonder how many vampires really are living among us, and how I might be able to find them.


maresi said...

I JUST finished book 4. It's quite satisfactory! *wink*

I'll take any photos you want to share from last weekend, too... I was so glad to see you.

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