what are we waiting for?

360 Paper Bottle

Have you heard about this new paper water bottle? It is 100% renewable and holds up to all liquids. It was designed by brandimage and won an IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) this year.

I heard about it this morning over here and have also found it discussed here and here. I still believe firmly in durable, reusable water bottles, such as Kleen Kanteen (my favorite), Sigg and Nalgene (even though Nalgene is getting a bum rap for the alleged chemicals in the plastic). These are by far the best choice for the environment.

However, since the majority of the US population insists on consuming over 60 million plastic water bottles per year (only 14% of which are recycled), the paper bottles would be a far preferable option. My only question is, what are we waiting for?


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