don't even tell me the nikki & paulo storyline actually fits into this puzzle

Ok so I was going to try and hold back but I can't help myself. I have to talk about LOST. I am going to post Ireland pictures later today but my head is going to explode if I don't get this stuff out. For you all who don't watch, sorry I'm going to bore you, but you should probably just give in and watch it.

To all my fellow Losties -- HOLY CRAP. I have so many questions and ideas and theories I don't even know where to start. So I think I will just list them. And in the interest of full disclosure, some of these things came from in-depth discussion with LaTreash and Jamie so they aren't all entirely mine. (*Edited to add: Mike pointed out that we discussed LOST this morning as well and so he would like it noted that he had a part in a few of these ideas, too.*)

*During Hurley's little speech telling his mom the truth, did anyone else get brand new insight to how we sound to people who don't watch the show? We must sound like complete crazy people.

*Who are the people trying to kill Sayid? Are they Widmore's people? Ben's people? Someone else?

*I'm pretty sure Sun is working for Widmore now. Is he threatening her or is she on his side now? Also why is her kid still a newborn? She should be at least two, because Aaron is about three and they left the island three years ago.

*Is Charlotte dead? All the dead people's noses bleed on the island. But Desmond's nose also bled last season when he was time traveling and he didn't have a constant. So maybe she just needs a constant, since she's completely alone and has no family or anything.

*Daniel's mom is Ms. Hawking, right? Crazy jeweler/time travel/church basement physicist lady? I mean, he told Desmond to look for his mom in Oxford but that was at least three years ago, I think. And is she really sitting in a church basement plotting where/when the island is/was/will be? CRAZY.

*Timelines are now even more messed up. Who even thought that was possible? So now we have non-island present time, which seems to be about 2007, plus non-island flashbacks and flashforwards. And now we have island flashforwards and flashbacks, and island time travel, AND island present time. But WTF? When is island present time? Is it 2004 when the Oceanic 6 left and the rest of them started flinging around time and space? Or is it 2007, same as non-island present time? I don't feel like I know when we actually are, nevermind where we are.

*At first I thought the island was only traveling through time. But we did see it disappear from the water via the view from the helicopter, so I guess it's traveling through space, too. I was wondering how it knows not to land on a boat or something when it moves -- but guess what, maybe it doesn't. Maybe that's how the slave ship Black Rock (remember from first season, with the dynamite and Dr. Arzst?) got there. Maybe it didn't land on the island, maybe the island landed on IT.

*Neil should not have given Sawyer his shirt. I like Sawyer better without a shirt. Also, WTF is up with Neil? I knew from the second he opened his annoying mouth that he was never going to live through this episode. And who is shooting the giant balls of fire at them?

*Speaking of annoying people not living through episodes, remember Nikki and Paulo? The morons from season 3 who got bit by a spider that paralyzed them and then the other Losties thought they were dead so they buried them, which killed them so then they actually did die. That went down as the worst episode in Lost history because it was a total diversion and made no sense and Nikki and Paulo were annoying. Even the producers came out and agreed it was a mistake.

*BUT -- but, now stay with me here. In last night's episode, they hinted at the fact that Locke might not be entirely dead. Ben avoided the question when the butcher shop lady asked him. Hurley's dad was watching TV and the show that came on right before Hurley got there was Exposé. Exposé is the show that Nikki was acting in during the flashbacks in the Nikki Paulo episode. The episode was actually called Exposé. SO - what if that was a hint? Maybe Locke isn't really dead, he's just been bitten by the spider that paralyzes you completely for a couple days.

*I am thinking that the producers agreeing that the Nikki/Paulo episode was a mistake might have been a ruse. They had it planned into the storyline the whole time and just wanted us to be misled and think it wasn't relevant. I know Richard Alpert told Locke he had to die, but maybe Locke found a way around it and he just had to make people think he died.

*Is Marvin Candle's baby Miles? It would be about the right timeline and it would explain why Miles has such weird powers and is so in tune with the island.

*Did your head almost explode when Daniel was in the room with Marvin Candle when he discovered the wheel that moves the island? Does Daniel not age like Richard Alpert, or was he just time traveling?

*How did Richard Alpert know that Locke wouldn't know him the next time he saw him? Did he know the island would be going back in time and not forward?

*Did Daniel tell them that things can't happen when they're time traveling if they didn't happen originally because it's the truth? Or because he was lying to them in hopes that they didn't screw anything up too badly to alter the future?

*When exactly were we when Sawyer and Juliet got attacked by those guys who don't appear to be Dharma or Others or Losties? How long ago was that? Is it possible that the guy was Charles Widmore? It might explain why he's so obsessed with the island and trying to find it again. Maybe he used to be in charge of it like Marvin Candle and like Ben, and then he had to leave (like Ben?) and couldn't find it again and so now he's obsessed and wants it back. Maybe Penny was born on the island and she has some crazy connection to it, too, she just doesn't know it.

Okay I have to stop now. If you read this whole thing and you are not a LOST fan, now do you want to be? Trust me, you do.

If you are a LOST fan, tell me what you think.


maresi said...

SRSLY. Nikki/Paulo stunk it up. But I must re-watch before I can thoroughly answer these questions.

Thais said...

i am totally giving your blog address to my bro-in-law---he is obsessed with LOST

Fizzgig said...

yessss i have found another like me.

i know i sound crazy to people who dont watch. my manfriend hasnt watched. he tries to watch random episodes when i watch the dvds and im like, a snob, you just DONT know how much has happened til now....sure you can watch it but you have to know all the history.

peoples noses bleed (or if you are a mouse you die) from time travel. if you do it too much without a constant you will die. that dude told desmond that last season. Go back and watch last seasons.

yea locke isnt dead. there would be no other reason to take his body back to the island. but then...the island heals. maybe hell come back from the dead. muh ah ah ah.

good call on the miles/candle thing. maybe miles "IS candle from the past, time traveling. we still never learned the deal with him 'ghost hunting' last season. i mean, we did see faraday there, and they supposedly built those things in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

I feel that I am owed more credit that I have been given.

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