25 things about me

There's this meme going around facebook where everyone is writing 25 random things about themselves for all their facebook friends to see. I did it the other day, and as it turns out, I actually had fun writing it and it's quite telling about who I am. So for those of you who haven't seen the light and joined facebook or if we aren't facebook friends (email me, let's be friends), I'm publishing it here for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

1. This will be the first weekend I've been home and free since November. I don't think I'm going to leave my house all weekend.
2. I just bought a new red coat that I love, even though I should have done the practical thing and bought the brown coat.
3. I joined a wind ensemble in the fall, and it's the first time I'd played with a group in 5 years. I love it.
4. My degree is in music, concentrating in trumpet performance and in composition.
5. I haven't written a piece of music I like since college. This makes me sad. I like to write music.
6. I've started writing (words, not music) for enjoyment. My friend Kari always told me I was a good writer but I never believed her. I'm starting to think I should have listened.
7. I keep in touch with only two people from my high school class (outside of facebook). One is my cousin and the other I've been close to since we were 5, so they don't even really count. There have been opportunities to get back in touch with others, but I haven't taken them.
8. This is partially because my brother died and I don't want to have that discussion.
9. My little brother, Greg, died almost three years ago, at age 22. I miss him so much it is still sometimes physically painful.
10. This is okay, and I don't apologize for it. I won't be held to an unrealistic societal expectation that I should be over it by now.
11. I moved to New York only a few months after my brother died, and I spent more than a year not letting in anyone I met, because I didn't want to know people that didn't know my brother or know me when I knew him.
12. My friend LaTreash made me realize this, and I am now trying to learn from that and figure out how to let people in again. It's hard.
13. I have 18 first cousins, plus their spouses and children. I also have many, many second cousins, and I am closer to some of them than lots of people are to their first cousins.
14. I love my cousins and don't know what I'd do without them.
15. Board games are fun. There aren't many things I like to do more than I like to play board games with my cousins for hours on end.
16. My future children will never have more than a couple of first cousins, and none on my side. I worry about how we will fill that void.
17. I grew up in a small town and wished for a bigger neighborhood and more things to do. I moved to cities after college and now I have a real appreciation for small town life.
18. I love traveling and have been to Phoenix, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Ireland and Florida within the last year. I can't wait to plan our next trip and find a new fun place to go.
19. Mike and I are both good travelers who can get along just about anywhere and go with the flow, and we always have fun when we travel together.
20. Our friend Matt is a pilot and we used to fly in teeny little 4-seat planes from Harrisburg to Reading to eat wings in the Reading airport.
21. I am a huge fan of LOST and get ridiculously excited on Wednesdays to watch it and on Thursdays to dissect it and come up with theories surrounding every scene and every character.
22. I read the Twilight series in less than two weeks and I may or may not have a secret burning desire to be a Cullen.
23. My new favorite thing to read is historical fiction and I am kind of obsessed with Henry VIII and that whole time period. This probably started when I began watching The Tudors.
24. I haven't had my hair cut in nearly two years. You can't tell unless you look closely at the ends (the magic of curly, out of control hair), but still. It's time.
25. I just mailed 3.5 pounds of spare change to my little cousins for their change drive to raise money for school. Mike thinks I am a complete lunatic but I think they will love it and so it's worth it.


Thais said...

PS- i am always ready to pick up the trombone again if you feel like writing somthing with a 5 note range :)

Fizzgig said...

travelers! you should go on the amazing race! I always think about it, but I suck at travel!

2 yrs no haircut? eeek! I get ticked if I have to push my 6 week appt.

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