i'm not at all sure who is good and who is evil

For those of you who are LOST watchers, and I now know you are out there, can you please tell me whether you are rooting for Ben or Widmore? Or both? Neither? I am so confused. I was starting to trust Ben but now I am confused again. Still, even though he killed Locke, I'm not giving up on him. I just don't know what to think. Possibly neither one is inherently evil and they both believe, in their own twisted ways, that they are doing the right thing.

My observations, in whatever order they pop into my head:

*Now we can be sure there is a wide variance between passage of time on the island vs. the rest of the world. Locke met Widmore while time traveling on the island, and four days later he was booted from the island and met current Widmore in Tunisia. Where three years had passed. So at most, it was a week between when the Oceanic Six left and Locke landed in Tunisia, I'm guessing.

*However. The Oceanic Six were on the island for 108 days and if a week on the island equals three actual years, they would have been missing for 45 years. Assuming I did my math right. And I think it's safe to say they were not missing for 45 years. So was time moving so strangely on the island just because of the constant time travel?

*Tunisia is the same place where Ben landed when he was ejected. Was Widmore watching the place then, too? Does he know when Ben left and is he following him? Or did he only start watching after his people invaded the island and it backfired?

*Tunisia is also the place where Charlotte and her team were doing the archaeological dig and finding the Dharma stuff. I think she found animals as well as things marked with the Dharma logo. Can things get ejected from the island as well as people?

*I think we just saw the beginning of Jack's downward spiral. I think Locke set him off; he started the constant drinking and the psycho flying back and forth between LA and Sydney. And Locke is already dead not long after that, so Jack's downward spiral was quite quick.

*This supports the theory a friend of Mike's had relating to Jack and Kate. The Ajira Air plane had so many things closely related to the original flight -- a prisoner, a guitar, a dead body, Christian Shephard's shoes, etc. -- but Mike's friend thought of another possible similarity: Kate is the one pregnant this time on the flight. If Jack's downward spiral was very quick, then it wasn't long ago that Kate & Jack were still together. She may be pregnant with his baby.

*The Ajira plane did crash! Only somehow separately from the rest of the Losties. They disappeared from the plane and then the rest of the plane crashed. Is the plane on that secondary island where Ben took Sawyer and Kate? Where are Sun and Sayid? With the crashed plane or somewhere near Kate, Hurley & Jack?

*How did Ben find and trace Locke so quickly? Through tracking Widmore and his people or through tracking the Losties? I'm not sure what made him decide to kill Locke. It seems like it had to do either with the discovery that Jin is alive or that Ms. Hawking is the one that Locke needed help from. But it seemed like Ben was already quite familiar with her, so I'm not sure what made him change his mind.

*Is Ben dead? Were the people in that room dead or just injured? I couldn't tell. But I'm hoping just injured.

*Caeser, the only other guy in first class, the one who seems to be taking charge in our new round of Losties from Ajira Air, I don't trust him. He was very quick to take charge and move right into the Dharma station. Something isn't right about him. But he did seem genuinely confused about what happened on the plane. I don't know what to think about that guy.

*What is Sayid doing in Dominican Republic? Is he really just trying to escape Ben and do some good or is there some ulterior motive there? And how does he end up back in LA when everybody is gathering together again?

*Locke visiting Hurley at the mental institution was hilarious -- Hurley just took it in stride and assumed Locke had died. He only freaked out when he thought he wasn't talking to a dead guy. He was very astute to figure out immediately who Abaddon was. But Locke didn't seem surprised and actually had remembered him from when he was an orderly in the hospital and told him to go on the walkabout.

*These new plane crash people (I don't know what to call them - Losties II?) said that the pilot (Frank Lapidus) left in one of the boats with a woman. Do we think that woman was Sun? She is missing thus far from the whole scenario.

*I think I forgot to mention last week that I now have a solid theory on where Ben was before he finally made it to the plane. If you look closely, behind the pay phone from which he calls Jack, you can see water and boats. Also he told Jack that he had to keep a promise to an old friend. Penny is on a boat. Ben promised Widmore that he would kill his daughter in exchange for Widmore killing Alex. I'm certain that Ben went after Penny. I don't know if she's dead or not, but I think this will be Desmond's motivation to return to the island.

*Where does Ms. Hawking's allegiance lie? With Ben? Widmore? The island? It certainly seems she has close ties with all involved and maybe her job is to advocate what's best for the island. Which certainly seems like something Jacob would do.


maresi said...

I think the people in that room are still alive, but are injured. I'm sure Ben is very much alive. I agree that it's Sun who's off with Frank on that boat - but who was shooting at Sawyer, Charlotte, Daniel, etc. after they started using that boat a couple of weeks ago?

Any episode with no trace of Desmond makes me just a bit sad. But it was a good one, and those 6 extra minutes were VERY necessary!

Anonymous said...

OK..so this is what is frustrating to me about this show...after every episode there are a MILLION questions. I like the theory about Ben going after Penny. Makes sense. And, I have NEVER trusted Ben...even when he was seemingly good. I think we should root for Widmore. Ben is just creepy looking!!

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