oceanic flight 815, meet ajira air flight 316

**updated at the bottom**

Tonight's LOST analysis! Mike helped me hash out a few of these things. Once again, I'll update tomorrow if there are any dazzling new theories during my morning LOST meeting.

*Ajira Airways! Did the entire plane crash or didn't it? The long boats on the beach during Sawyer, Faraday, etc.'s island time travels had a water bottle with that airline's name on it in one of the boats. Maybe when the light flashed on the plane, they were within the island's time travel radius, and so the relevant people were somehow yanked off the plane and put back to the island.

*Where are Sun and Sayid and Ben and Locke's casket? How far away did they land? Are they with the rest of the plane, if it crashed?

*I'm duly impressed that Ben somehow got everybody to go back, with the exception, of course, of Aaron.

*They were pretty close to the original group - Locke's dead body with Jack's dad's shoes on it. The 5 adult survivors. Even a prisoner in place of Kate -- how did Sayid manage that?! With Ben's help or not?? And Hurley had a guitar, like Charlie.

*How much do I love Hurley that he bought all the seats to keep the people on standby safe?!

*LaTreash came up with a theory this afternoon (before the episode, even) that the reason for Locke's death was so that he would get back to the island, and then follow in Christian Shepard's footsteps. Possibly Christian Shepard is inhabited by Jacob, or by the black smoke?

*Did Kate send Aaron with Claire's mom to keep him safe while she went back to the island? Is Claire (if she's alive) going to be pissed that she doesn't get Aaron back? At first I thought Kate left him with Sun. But obviously not.

*What was Ben's favor he was doing before they leave? Does it have something to do with Walt? Who beat him up? The only known enemy he has on the mainland is Widmore, as far as we know, or as far as I can remember right now. Could someone (Sayid? Ms. Hawking?) have been trying to stop him from getting on this flight with everyone else?

*Have we seen Jack's grandfather before? Or do I just recognize him from being in something else?

*I'm thinking Penny and Faraday might be siblings, or maybe half-siblings. We know Widmore (Penny's dad) and Ms. Hawking (Faraday's mom) knew each other. They were on the island at the same time in the 50s. And we don't know who Penny's mom is and we don't know who Faraday's dad is.

*Ben told Jack his mom taught him how to read. Which is interesting because his mom died giving birth to him. Possibly this points to his lying tendencies? Maybe he is still lying even more than I thought and I shouldn't trust him. But I kind of do.

*Jin is working for Dharma?? How did that happen? How long have they been in that time period? Exactly when did three years go by on the island, since it seems like no time at all (at least in present time) has passed. Or have three years not gone by on the island? I am SO CONFUSED by time.

*Did you all notice the date on Ms. Hawking's photograph of the island? September 23, 1954. Exactly 50 years (minus one day) before the Losties' plane crashed on the island. Is it possible that date also could have coincided with Hurley's mental institution friend hearing the numbers being transmitted while on duty in the South Pacific?

*The island isn't finished with Desmond. I knew it! But how is he going to end up back there? Will Penny or her dad have something to do with it? Will Penny recognize Ms. Hawking as her mom if she sees her? I tend to believe Ms. Hawking whenever she talks so I'm pretty sure Desmond will end up back there. Also I wasn't sure if he'd recognize her from his past but he definitely did.

*That guy who wished Jack condolences about his dead friend at the airport was also on flight 316. I'm thinking he might be involved somehow.

*I still want to know who Jill the butcher lady is. How old do we think she is? Is it possible that she's Annie, Ben's childhood sweetheart (Charlotte's mom??), is she old enough for that?

Tell me what you think! Am I right? Did I miss anything major?

A few updates from discussion with LaTreash & Jamie this morning:

*Did the island have to be in the right place and the right time when the plane flew overhead? Does that mean we're now in present time? Of course, there was a white flash like the time travel flashes when they were on the plane, so who knows.

*Jin might not be involved with Dharma at all. When you time travel, your possessions travel with you. So if, for some reason, they found the Dharma stuff, changed their clothes and had the van with them, those things would travel through time also.

*I forgot to mention last night about Frank Lapidus! I almost didn't recognize him all clean-shaven and commercial pilot looking. I feel like he ends up back on the island too, right? "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

*A thought I had totally unrelated to this episode: Remember the girl from Eko's flashbacks, the one who drowned and died and then came back to life? Her name was Charlotte. Foreshadowing that our current Charlotte died but will come back to life?


Anonymous said...

Your blog used to be so interesting!! Guess who!

Anonymous said...

Yep. This is boring.

Someone Else Who's Getting Concerned About This Obsession of Yours

maresi said...

Um, you two sisters need to hush. You're just frustrated that you didn't start watching Lost from the beginning! :o)

Anonymous said...

Who are the sisters that mo*reezy is talking about? I was guessing Mary Liz and Bevie?

Amy - Although I haven't watched LOST and can't really relate, I think you should write about whatever you would like. I would NOT say you are obsessed, just very interested and fortunately you have many friends that watch also. I think it's nice to share something with more than just your old relatives. So . . . YOU GO GIRL - I love your writing!!! AND, I am not ashamed to sign my name: Patricia Helen Lavieri Minton, age: almost 63

Anonymous said...

Well, I take credit for the top post, but who is the 2nd??? Step forward please!

Write about what you want! No pressure from your loving mother. Sometimes I crack myself up!

Fizzgig said...

i think that they landed in a different time than the rest of the losties. Jin was in that VW van that was new whan Ben killed everyone on the island.

I think they might all be in different times? But then, i thought john stopped the moving island by leaving? i dunno!

and why arent the kids going? suns kid? aaron?

i wanna know who beat up ben before he left!

i also thought it was weird ben mentioned his mom. maybe all the time travel caused them to change the past???? hmmmmmmm

good call on charlotte.....maybe it is the same charlotte.

scottyb said...

have you considered the island the place were armegeddon will occur. last night christ(possibly locke) since he dies at the hand of another and is resurected. and st. thomas(doubting thomas; jack) will now have to believe in the spiritual aspects of the island. are the two guys that keep appearing and seemingly never age angels. narnia was mentioned concerning the lamppost and narnia is all about the ressurection and the battle against good and evil.

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