ok this is a serious breakthrough

Charlotte is Ben's daughter.

Has your head finished exploding yet? Okay then, let me explain. (First read my post below from last night if you haven't already. I'll wait.) Also let me give credit where credit is due - Jamie first suggested it as a possibility and then the two of us hashed it out to figure out whether it's possible. And it totally is. We are figuring Ben is around 50, right? Give or take a little. And Charlotte, they've said her age; I can't remember it exactly, but it was somewhere in the mid to late 20's range I think. So if she was born and/or spent all this time on the island, that would be during Ben's time on the island in Dharma.

Ben had his childhood sweetheart, Annie, and if I remember correctly he killed her along with all the other Dharma people. But maybe they first had Charlotte. And he sent her away from the island to keep her safe when he killed everyone else. Maybe he left her with Richard Alpert and the Others, since they were in on the whole mass killing of Dharma people with him.

It would explain why he knows everything about her past and couldn't believe it when he saw her. And he told that made-up story about her childhood. She's never admitted anything about her past, she doesn't talk about it. We just know that she was digging in the desert for Dharma stuff so she was aware of the island on some level. But does she know of/remember her history on the island? Or does she just know about it and about Ben because of what Matthew Abaddon told her?

Also - and this is my biggest defense of this theory - he stole Alex from Danielle to be his own daughter. I'm thinking she was a replacement daughter because he couldn't have Charlotte there.


Anonymous said...

OK, this is boring!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's because I am seriously sleep deprived, or what, but I'm so confused. I forgot how much you love to theorize about Lost. Wish we lived closer so we could talk about it together!! :)

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