what a day

I don't talk about work here as a rule, but today I'd just like to mention that we had a round of layoffs. I was not laid off, but some very good people were, including a good friend of mine. She is one of the only people I have met and truly let in behind my wall of self preservation in the last three years.

I am at rehearsal tonight, absorbing myself in the music and letting off steam. I know I sound a little self pitying, and I probably don't have a right to, since I have a job still. But I am upset about it, for their sake, and selfishly, for my own.

Please keep these people, along with all the rest of those losing jobs around the country and the world, in your thoughts, and, if you do that kind of thing, in your prayers.


Thais said...

my brother's job had layoff today and he just barely missed---he was told by his boss that he will be in the next round, probably, in 3 months...he is really really upset because ALL of his friends got cut..so stressful!

maresi said...

blurrg. that sucks, amy.

anotherauntie said...

John's company had a layoff Monday - Good people, not house cleaning. John has a job but there is an across the board paycut. John has a job and I am thankful.

Anonymous said...

Amy - layoffs are really hard for all. Those who leave have obvious emotional and financial problems. Those who remain have a sense of relief about still having a job but know they too are vulnerable. Those who remain also have a sense of guilt about staying. This is another scary time for us all. I believe the cause is unconsciounable, irresponsible, sometimes illegal and selfish GREED by some in government and some in private business. It all PMO because it didn't have to happen and most of those who are now losing jobs, etc. suffering the most, are not the ones in power. Did you notice that I am outraged on this subject?? :):)

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