i was too relaxed to be analytical last night, so you tell me instead

Yesterday after work, my friend Ashley and I went for massages, then to dinner where I had the best burger I've had in quite some time, then we crashed on her couch and drank yummy hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows before watching LOST. So, yeah, I was not feeling as analytical as I usually do. I have a few observations though:

*I still think Charlotte is Ben's daughter. Even more likely since she grew up on the island as a little kid. But why doesn't Faraday remember her? Maybe he doesn't know the child Charlotte is the same as this Charlotte?

*Where is Claire and why wasn't she with Christian Shepard still? Is she dead or isn't she?

*Why didn't Ben know that Ms. Hawking/Ellie/Elouise is Faraday's mom? He seemed to know everything about the freighter people. Also I was totally right that Elouise on the island (little blond who had Faraday at gunpoint near the bomb) is the same as Ms. Hawking is the same as Faraday's mom.

*Sun was going to bring back Aaron to Korea with her. WTF?

*Did you all notice the music box on the beach? The one Sayid later fixed for Rousseau which is why she let him go?

*I am totally lost about time again. I thought I had a handle on how it works but now I am so confused again.

Okay, I'm lazy today, that's all I've got. Now you tell me what you think. These are my other recent LOST posts. Also go visit Okay Seriously to see what she wrote about the episode last night while watching it.

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Ben is neither good nor evil. Discuss.


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