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It's LOST night again! With half-hearted apologies to those who don't watch, here we go. I'm going to do this like last time, as sort of a stream-of-consciousness post while watching. I'll update with any additional theories tomorrow.

I love that Hurley is the only Oceanic Six person that the co-pilot remembered. So the plane didn't really crash - it sort of landed! Which is why most of the flight people along with Cesar are in one place. But how did Hurley, Kate, Jack (and apparently Sayid?) get off the plane and land someplace else? Sun and Ben are still on the plane with the others.

Aww, a Sawyer and Kate reunion moment. Sawyer looks so happy to see them. Now he'll have a tough choice to make.

This explanation of Jin & Sawyer joining Dharma in the 1977 should be interesting. The whole time travel thing will be new to the Oceanic Six. Are Sawyer and Jin going to have to pretend they don't know them? Juliet and Sawyer and the rest of them have created a semi-normal life there. Quite the conflicting emotions to decide between welcoming and protecting your friends and trying to preserve your life there.

Jin is at what we know as Mikhail's (eye-patch guy) house. Can he find out from there where the plane landed? Does that computer printout track the electromagnetism thing like the one in the hatch? So there will be blips in the printouts when/where the plane landed?

I love Frank the pilot. It's so cute that he thinks people will look for them and be able to find them on the island.

Cesar saw animal cages! Now Ben knows they are on the secondary island and not the main island. Remember when he had Kate & Sawyer prisoner there, they were on a different island? Ben is sneaking away to try and get back there! Back on the island he looks 100% creepy again.

Jin won't find Sun because they're on a different island.

The baby!! It is Ethan Rom!! I knew it.

It must be strange for Jack that now Sawyer is the know-it-all in charge guy. He has the scoop and all the inside info and Jack has to listen to him.

A hostile inside the perimeter! Bet it's Sayid! Look at Jin playing the role of faithful little Dharma security officer.

Faraday has theories! On the island? Ohh, no he's already gone. I still think he took little baby Charlotte off the island to try and save her.

Ben is going to take an outrigger to the other island. But I think on the last episode they said the pilot and a woman left in the outrigger. So are all three of them going? Frank doesn't trust Ben for two seconds.

Go Sun! She is badass. Ben might have met his match.

Kate and Jack and Hurley get to see the Dharma videos live and in person now. And Marvin Candle in person! But he didn't say his name is Marvin Candle.

HA HA based on Jack's aptitude tests he will be doing janitorial work. Nice move, Sawyer.

It's nice to know that even though Sawyer is "LeFleur" now, he is still handing out nicknames.

They totally ditched Ben and left him on the smaller island. I told you Sun is all badass now.

DUDE. Sun and Frank et al are in a different period of time from the Dharma people?? There is Christian Shepard slash Jacob slash whoever he is! No reaction when they ask him where Jin is. He is all-knowing about this island and even though they're in a different time period (present time? the Dharma houses are all run-down like they haven't been lived in for a long time) he doesn't bat an eye when they ask for Jin. And he seems to know how to get them time traveled back to 1977 - "You have a long journey ahead of you." Christian Shepard knows everything.

That guy told Jack he shouldn't call Sawyer James. Weird moment of role reversal since Jack used to be the one who knew Sawyer so well. More switching places with Sawyer taking charge and Jack has no choice but to follow.

Is that kid Ben, bringing food to Sayid? This would be about the right time for Ben to have showed up to the island with his dad, 1977. And about the right age. Yup it's Ben! So if Faraday's right that you can't be in two places at once, where is the adult Ben? Is he still on the other island or not?

About the previews for next week: All bets are off and every man for himself. I love that this season is moving along with so much happening every week and so many different things going on. It's so fun to watch.


maresi said...

Hurley kept me chuckling last night. He had the BEST lines! "Dude, your English is awesome!" And I missed Sawyer's nicknames, too. I'm so glad he has the upper hand now over Jack.

Fizzgig said...

i thought the baby would be jacob or something. I wonder if they will be able to change everything with ben being a kid........maybe someone will take him under their wing.

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