i am pretty sure this baby is snacking on my brain cells

It's been a while since I've talked about LOST. Which probably makes some of you happy. But for the rest of you, I'm going to try and say a few things about last night's episode. And possibly the last couple of weeks. That's harder than it sounds, because I am seriously suffering from pregnancy brain. This kid is somehow getting its food supply from my brain cells, I'm sure of it. They're depleting at a rapid rate and sometimes I forget my own name.

So I make no promises about saying anything mind-blowing here. No amazing theories. No major revelations. But this season has been so good, with so much craziness, I will see what I can do.

First of all, allow me to gloat just for a moment about how long ago it was that I theorized that Penny and Faraday are siblings. And I got confirmation last week. I win.

Moving on. I want Sayid to kill that jackass bastard those words aren't bad enough to describe him, but at any rate I am talking about THAT EVIL RADZINSKY. I want Sayid to kill him with his BARE FEET. (I believe credit goes to Maresi for originally coming up with the idea that Sayid should kill someone with his bare feet.)

Radzinsky seriously needs to stop beating the crap out of the Losties. Or I will jump through the screen and kill him myself. Or I would, if I had the energy to get up off the couch ever.

I do not think they will make it so the plane crash never happened. They cannot do that to us. If suddenly they all woke up in their lives as if the plane crash never happened and they didn't know each other, that would be as bad as if the whole thing turned out to be someone's dream. Do NOT do that to us, writers. I am talking to you, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Are you listening?

I hate that Faraday is dead. But I think maybe he had to die in order for the hydrogen bomb thing to not happen correctly so these events will not be reversed/never happen. I'm not sure we're totally done with him though - I mean, remember Miles can talk to dead people.

Turns out Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle might not be a bad dude. He was happy to meet adult Miles and didn't attack the Losties like the rest of the Dharma people were doing. And he only was mean to his wife to try and save her and Miles.

Sawyer is an ass for getting on the sub. The Oceanic Six came all the way back to that place to save him and he bailed on them. But looks from the previews like he changes his mind. Or someone changes it for him. Because they definitely end up back on the island.

Jack is Locke now and it's weird. I don't know if I like it. I think he really is trying to save everybody but he's being all pig-headed and stubborn and closed-minded about it. Maybe Sayid will talk some sense into him. Right after he kills someone with his bare feet.

Richard Alpert = holy crap that dude is creepy. He knows everything. And he says he watched the Losties die. Does he mean in the purge? Or due to hydrogen bomb explosion? Or some other thing? I don't think they're all going to die. I think based on what's currently happening with them in the 70s, the course they're on right now, that's what would happen. But like Faraday said, they are the variables and they have the power to change that.

I hope we find out who Jacob is next week. I have a lot of ideas on that and no clue which one might be more plausible. Or if it's something I haven't even thought of yet. Jacob could be: the smoke monster, Eloise Hawking, Christian Shephard, Richard Alpert or even Locke himself now.

This version of Ben who does whatever Locke says and tries to follow Alex's/smoke monster's orders is kind of hilarious. Also I still do not trust him for one second.

I think that's all I've got. Like I said, I am lacking in the brain cells department these days though. Fill in the gaps and tell me if I missed anything.


maresi said...

Um, DUH - Sayid already DID kill someone with his bare feet. Season finale 3, on the beach - he is tied up but still manages to break that Other dude's neck using only his feet.
But yes, I hope he was only using that guy for practice, for the time he busts open Radzinsky using only his lovely curly hair.

Amy said...

See? What did I say about my loss of brain cells? The baby already ate the cells that remembered he did that.

Fizzgig said...

well remember faraday said that the present is their present not their past even if its in the 70s.
so they are living their lives in another dimension i think, like locke. So they wont know they wont fall in love one day in the future. cus to them the future is their past.

thats too deep.

Meredith said...

OK! So, I missed the post about YOU BEING PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go back and read the rest of it, because I did not know that, and had to post this first!! :)

How far along are you? I want to know all the details! Well, not all of them. ;)

Meredith said...

Ok, now that I've recovered from the fact that you're pregnant (I have to search your blog now for that post) I can comment on this post.

"Richard Alpert = holy crap that dude is creepy"

Love it. And, JD said the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. BTW, he is totally hooked now and I love it. My question is....isn't this supposed to be the last season? But, I know next week is the season finale. So, explain please.

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