three krispy kremes is an appropriate mid-morning snack, right?

I am beginning to enjoy (SOME) foods again. You can still pretty much count out meat and dairy. But I am no longer eating only tiny bits of food that I can manage to choke down. There are certain foods I am actually enjoying now.

I innocently wandered down to the other side of the floor this morning, only to find out that two boxes of krispy kremes were coming out of the conference room, leftover from a meeting. I am on my third donut. They are SO GOOD. I guess this is one way to start gaining weight, right?

Please resist the urge to tell me how many calories and how much fat is in even one bite of a krispy kreme. I don't want to know, not even a little bit. Plus, apparently today is national donut day, so, bonus! I am celebrating a holiday. And there are no calories on holidays, everyone knows that.


Anonymous said...

There are only calories in the FIRST bite - after that, all the other calories fall onto your desk or the floor!!! Happy Donut Day! gg

Thais said...

If the food is yummy, there are not calories or fat in it...didnt you know that?

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