welcome to the one week anniversary of me not puking up my breakfast!

It has officially been one week since I've had to eat a second breakfast due to the first one not sticking. That is not to say I am all better, because I'm definitely still very fatigued and run-down and often nauseous, but, BUT, it is a red letter day. I'd say the first trimester crap is finally on the downturn, two and a half weeks into my second trimester.

I had an OB appointment today, and all is well. Still haven't gained any weight, but I'm no longer losing weight so that's all she cares about for now. I'm not to worry about it. Heartbeat is strong and my uterus is poking up and out a little bit now, which I knew, because I can feel it now and there is a teeny little bump there.

I told her I've gotten a few migraines in the last couple weeks and there's nothing that helps them, oh let me rephrase that, nothing you'll let me take that helps them. She sympathized but didn't back down, which I knew was exactly what would happen. She told me to keep doing what I'm doing for headaches, which is take Tylenol and drink caffeine and wait them out.

Other than that, nothing of note. I go back in four weeks and I have to call and schedule the anatomy scan for 5-7 weeks from now.


maresi said...

ok, before I SQUEEEE about your perfect little baby, I have to say that the LOST countdown is really depressing.


SQUEE! You have a person in there! Who's making your tummy poke out! I'm glad Turkey's starting to treat you right.

Thais said...

i am so so glad that you are starting to feel better finally!!!
Hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

YAY for feeling better!!

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