what the joys of commuting mean to me

I rush down the stairs onto the waiting train and spot one open seat. One of the two large guys on either side of it has one tree trunk of a leg spread halfway across the empty seat. My newly visible bump and I move for the seat, with apologies and excuse mes, but he ignores me and doesn't move. So I'm wedged between the two large guys, with one of them rudely pushing his leg across my seat and spreading his arms out, forcing me into as little space as possible.

The only reason I endure this at all, instead of just standing up, is that I still get dizzy and faint on the train; that doesn't seem to be easing up along with the nausea. We finally make it to the last stop, and I try to get up and get out into the fresh air and open space, but the guy sticks his whole arm out to the side, blocking me from moving, until he hauls himself up out of his seat and plows out the door.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't just THROW UP on him!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, gg

maresi said...


and mom's right, you should have yakked on his tree trunk leg.

or you could have taken a lesson from Mike and fashioned an awl out of your own left leg.

Green said...

I'm so obnoxious - when I'm standing on a train and see someone who obviously needs a seat but nobody is getting up, I say really loudly, "Do you need to sit down?!" and shame people to get up for them. Probably kind of embarrassing for them, but less embarrassing than trying to stand when you can't and falling down in front of everyone.

Found you through twitter - congrats on your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

oh, I so wish you would have thrown up on him!! :)

Anonymous said...

Let me at him! I'll give him a tongue lashing he won't soon forget!! Mom

Elena said...

Reading this makes me so angry for you. I agree with everyone who wishes you could have puked on him. People are so blatantly inconsiderate sometimes.

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