new emmett header!

A big huge thank you to my very thoughtful and talented friend latreash for designing this fabulous new banner for my website!!

Emmett and I are sitting around this morning, waiting for some family to arrive! My parents are coming, along with my Grandfather and my cousin Anna, to hang out with Emmett for the day. I am looking forward to the company, too, and I think we'll try and go out for lunch.

In the meantime, I've been telling Emmett stories about his cousin Noah. Sweet Noah died 4 years ago today at 11 months old. We miss him and wish Emmett and Noah could have known each other. We will do our best to make sure Emmett knows all about him. We remember him today with hearts full of love.


Anonymous said...

The new banner is WONDERFUL - I just love it and wish I were in the car on my way to meet Emmett too! Have a fun visit and enjoy showing off Emmett to Anna and Grandfather! lovepatty

Michael Witmer said...

I miss you Noah.

Elena said...

Love the banner!

Anonymous said...

FYI: There are recalls on two of the Baby Bjorn carriers, I think 200 and 2004 designs, check

Happy Family Visiting!


maresi said...

I love the header! Wish I could be there today too.

Thinking of and honoring Noah with a prayer today. Andi, Mike, and Alli are in my thoughts, too. I'm glad Noah had an auntie and uncle like you and Mike.

Katherine said...

The banner is great! And thoughts and prayers are with all of Noah's family today.

Have a great visit with everyone - wish I could join you all!

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