settling in

Emmett has been at home for 9 days now, and our little family of three has been enjoying 9 cozy days of quality time together. Sadly, Mike had to go back to work today. We took Emmett to his doctors appointment this morning together, where Emmett was declared very smart and developmentally doing things around one month old already! He stretches his legs and opens his hands a lot, instead of keeping them balled up. He has pretty strong neck muscles already. And he focuses and has a good attention span for people and for objects he sees. And he gained almost half a pound in the last week! He is doing perfectly and I guess he is eating enough, which is so good to know. He hasn't had a bottle supplement in a week now and we're settling into nursing. The only bad thing is his diaper rash, which just refuses to go away. She gave us a prescription cream to try so hopefully we can get rid of it finally.

Then we hooked him back into the baby bjorn carrier and parted ways at the subway stop Mike needed for work. He kissed Emmett and me goodbye and left us to walk to our train station and head home. I hated to see him go and I know he'll miss Emmett all day today as he dives back into a busy day at work.

Emmett and I will miss him, too. Mike has been a rock for me these last two weeks. I'm not sure I gave him enough credit in my labor story for how amazing he was. Mike was there every single step of the way with more care and support than I ever could have asked for. He knew what I needed before I did. That continued all the way through my hospital stay, and Emmett's NICU stay, and all our time at home. We have experienced Emmett's first two weeks together, every step of the way, and I am so grateful. There have been a few pretty rough nights, and some struggles already, but Mike has been by my side for everything.

He will still be by my side, and by Emmett's side, with as much love and support as ever, of course, but not with us for every minute of every day. So here we are, Emmett and me, our first day on our own. So far, he's eaten, and then spent some time sitting in his boppy that has a little toy gym attached to it, watching the hanging toys, while I picked up a few things and washed a couple of dishes. Now he's hanging out in his swing while I finish this post and then get my lunch.

I feel accomplished and in control at the moment (amazing how doing something so small can feel so huge!) but also utterly exhausted. I plan a walk over to the grocery store to fill his diaper rash prescription and pick up a couple of things after his next feeding, and then I think we'll relax for the rest of the day and wait for daddy to get home.


maresi said...

I'm so glad you're feeling good! Poor Mike, having to re-enter reality. Boo for work. I'm glad he could come with you this morning though. Maria goes for her 15 mo (WHAT?!? MAH BAYBEE!!) checkup tomorrow am.

Did you tell the ped that you plan on using cloth diapers? Perhaps after you start using the prescription cream (which I'm sure will help!) you can put him in the cloth (with a barrier- like a baby washcloth or something so the cream won't ruin the dipes). Lots of people find that rashes clear up once they get them into their cloth diapers. My friend Farah's baby gets a burned butt after just a few hours in a disposable.

Meredith said...

so glad you're settling in. Everyday I feel like if I get something "done" I've accomplished so much. That never goes away as a mom!

Enjoy the quiet moments...which it sounds like you are! big hug from me!

Katherine said...

Sounds like you had a perfect first day by yourself. Good for you! And again, way to go Mike!!! You are a great catch. Amy should make sure she keeps you around :)

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