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So, I am way, WAY behind on LOST posting. I will try to catch up with some more detailed analysis and theories this week. Before tonight's episode, I have just a few theories to share from the season's first two weeks. There is so much more to discuss, but I'll stick with a few main ideas for now.

About the two separate versions of the Losties that we have going now, I have two ideas. First of all, we already know that time is not linear in the LOST world. Maybe neither is space?

And second, I think that they are going to show that each person's destiny is the same. Destiny is destiny, and no matter whether the plane crashed or not, they were all going to arrive in the same place anyway.

For example, I think Kate is still going to end up with Aaron.

Also, regarding Ethan Rom. I assume you all noticed he was Claire's doctor in the hospital? However, he introduced himself as "Dr. Goodspeed." I was about to theorize that maybe he is actually Horace Goodspeed's brother, but then I looked on lostpedia and remembered that we found out last season that he actually was born Ethan Goodspeed and he is Horace Goodspeed's son. So. Nevermind. There you have it.

I think Sayid is possessed by Smokey/Man in Black. I think so is Claire. But not Locke. Smokey took Locke's form and not his body. He just shaped himself like Locke but is still himself. Sayid doesn't know he's possessed, at least not yet.

The only doubts I have about Claire are that when we saw her last season, she was in Jacob's cabin. Why would she be in Jacob's cabin if she's possessed by his nemesis? Christian Shephard was there too, pretending to be Jacob. So had Jacob abandoned that cabin a long time ago and now Smokey had taken it over? But wouldn't Richard Alpert know that, since he is in with Jacob? And he took Ben & Locke to the cabin, knowing it was Jacob's.

So are Claire and Christian Shephard possessed and/or on Smokey's side, or are they Jacob's somehow?

Lastly, I really like Dogen and Lennon. I also like that Lennon looks like John Lennon. It amuses me.

Enjoy tonight's episode! And if it takes me a few days to get a post up, check with Okay Seriously. I don't always agree with all her theories but I do like her LOST posts (and all her other posts), and she is generally more timely than I am.


Anonymous said...

k I don't know!!I was guessing Sayid was going to really be Jacob and we are going to have a good old fashioned good vs. evil war. Sayid (Jacob) would recruit and so would Locke (smokey)
But, I'm always lost. Did they purposely choose that title cause they knew their viewers always would be?

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