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I watch several shows on TLC, including 19 Kids and Counting, Little People, Big World, Say Yes to the Dress. They're good shows to have on in the background while I'm doing chores, folding laundry, eating lunch, that kind of thing. I enjoy them.

The problem is that TLC has this new show called Addicted (disclaimer: I have no idea what the website says about the show; I found the link but didn't read a word of it). I have never watched it, but they advertise it constantly and play up the drama that goes along with drug and alcohol addiction.

Because I use a DVR, I can sometimes bypass the ads and previews. I don't always catch the fast forward fast enough though, since I am usually doing other things when I'm watching these shows. When I see them, it brings memories of losing Greg to me with an unsettling force.

I am not trying to say this show is a bad idea. In fact, it's the opposite. I think bringing awareness to addiction and all that goes with it could potentially help people. I believe that awareness is always the first step to changing the world. Of course, I say all this without having watched the show. I don't know how they handle the portrayal of the addicts and their families and friends. For all I know, it could be exploitative and useless drama. But the previews don't seem that way; it appears they are trying to help people and spread awareness.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea for a show. I'm just saying it's a bad idea for me to watch it.


maresi said...

I hear you. I've never seen it either, but I've seen Intervention on A&E and it's exceedingly hard to watch. Heartbreaking, but like you said, if it saves even one life it's worth it.

I am still furious about that post I read the other day in favor of legalizing drugs because "drug users only hurt themselves." Your post, and your life, and all of our lives, are proof otherwise.

Mike said...

For what it's worth, I am for the legalization of drugs.

maresi said...

Yes, but I'd imagine you'd have a more nuanced point of view supporting your opinion than the one I read.

Cass said...

like maresi, i've watched Intervention, but not Addicted. the only time i saw the show i was struck with the utter heartbreak, and found myself sobbing with the remote in my hand. even for me, someone with no close experience with the issue, it felt overwhelming. i admit i never watched it again, though i've heard the show is well-regarded and has won awards (including an Emmy, i think.)

your post today is so interesting, amy, and i applaud your courage in tackling it. but i wondered what your thoughts were on coping through shared experience. do you think the comraderie of groups like al-anon, or even shows like Intervention, hurt more than help the family of addicts? does it hurt you to watch it more than it helps?

it's such a strange issue. i think that *this* blog is a good resource to someone coping with loss--your words are so poignant, so real--and i can't help but wonder what exactly it is that widens the distance between pain and healing. what is it that makes me hesitant to watch another episode of Intervention, but on the other hand eagerly follow your blog? what is it that makes you pull away from the TLC previews, but at the same time want to connect with people who are hurting through this blog?

Fizzgig said...

addicted is better than intervention, its more hands on, and the interventionist is more involved in helping the addict.

but if it brings bad memories then that doesnt matter!

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