We brought our Christmas tree inside a couple of weeks ago, after picking it up at a local tree lot.  Mike gave it a fresh cut, it took its place in the stand, and I began turning it around and around, deciding on the perfect angle to face into the room.  As I was studying the tree, an unexpected shine flashed from near the bottom.  I bent down to examine it, and found a piece of tinsel nestled in the branches.

The memory came flooding in.

When I was a kid, we used to put tinsel on the Christmas tree.  At some point, we stopped.  I imagine it was due to some combination of environmental reasons and mess reasons.  Greg loved the tinsel, though, and wanted to keep using it.  The compromise was that he got to keep a few pieces.  He tucked them away in his own ornament box.  Each year, he carefully placed the tinsel on the tree, and then carefully tucked it back into his box.

I think this mystery strand of tinsel has just found a new home.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks your beloved Gregory is trying to tell you he is near at this joyous time of the year. They never travel far from loved ones you know.


maresi said...

Yes! Greg is close by you, for sure.

Katherine said...

That is great! Love to you all :)

Anonymous said...

It was totally for environmental reasons that we decided to stop using tinsel. Mostly because we used to put the tree out for the birds after Christmas. We are still using Gregory's few strands of tinsel.

Thais said...

I <3 you too!

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