fourteen months

Dear Emmett,

Today, you are 14 months old.  You might not realize it, since I failed to acknowledge your 13 month day here with a letter.  I have been struggling to decide whether I want to continue writing letters to you each month.  It is getting so hard to put even one day of yours into words, given all that you learn and do and say, nevermind an entire month.  But I would like to continue marking these days for you.  I have decided your typical update letters are not too practical anymore.  You have your own website, which documents a little piece of your day, every day, and that is a good marker of time and development. 

Each month, though, I will continue to share something to celebrate your growth, whether it's through words, pictures, or, in this case, video.  Following are a series of videos from the last couple of weeks, which capture your personality.

I hope you are as entertained by these videos one day as we are now.



Sarah said...

He's so sweet Amy! Can't getovr how big he's getting and how smart he is! He's so lucky that you are his mommy!

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