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The update on me is that the bleeding has stopped and the pregnancy hormone is officially all gone from my body.  Physically, I am back to normal.  Mentally and emotionally, I'm healing, thanks to Mike and Emmett and wonderful family and friends.  And thanks to you all.

You guys.  I am sitting here, trying to figure out how to thank you.  I feel like all of your arms reached right through my computer screen, picked me up and put me back on my feet.  I don't know how else to put into words how much it means to me.  So I'm going to ask a favor of you instead -- I'm going to try and pay it forward, with your help. 

Several of you who commented on my last post included these initials:  LFCA.  I didn't know what that was, and so I googled it.  What I found was an amazingly supportive community called Lost and Found and Connections Abound.  From the introduction to their newsletter:  "The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership," and "Lost and Found is open to anyone in the infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss community."

As I scanned the 679th Issue of the LFCA, I was startled to see my name on the list, with a link to my post, saying this:  "Amy is experiencing an early loss and writes about how quickly she fell in love with her baby only to lose him or her in an early miscarriage."

I don't know who submitted me to this list, but I am grateful.  I am so thankful to be introduced to a community so willing to jump in with kind words of support.  So, thank you, whoever you are.  And thank you to everyone who stopped by from LFCA to extend such warm thoughts, just for me. 

I am asking you to go to their website.  Scan the list on the latest newsletter and choose a few people who could use some support or congratulations or good luck wishes.  Show them the same kindness that you and they have shown me. 


maresi said...



Empty Arms, Broken Heart said...

This was a struggle for me, I am sorry to say. But, in the end I perservered and posted a little note of positive-thinking on someone's site. She has just received her first IVF. Maybe this will bring us some good kharma . . . ???

Alana said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog!

I started my blog a few years ago as a photo-journal mostly for myself, but also to update my family (who are all in another state) on the daily happenings with my daughter.

Then my husband and I started to experience secondary infertility and I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. These 2 factors lead me to the amazing LFCA community. I am still longing for a 2nd child, and am ever so grateful for the online friends and support I've made due to LFCA.

I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry you are hurting. I am sorry you are now part of the LFCA community, but I welcome you. Hugs!

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