seventeen months

Dear Emmett,

This is the last time you'll get a monthly letter from me while living at your first home!  You are seventeen months today, on Easter Sunday, and we spent it here in Jersey City, just the three of us at our apartment.  Moving day is less than two weeks away, and by the time I write to you next, on your eighteen month day, we will be settling into our new house.  We spent the morning getting bagels and playing in the park, and then we spent the rest of the day running errands, cleaning and packing.  We did take time out to create a little Easter egg hunt in the courtyard for you after dinner.  You raced around, joyfully finding eggs and popping them open to devour all the little snacks and cookies hidden inside. 


You love all the activity here, the walking everywhere, the people and the busy things to see and explore - especially since there are renovations going on at our building, and you always want to see the diggers!  I think you are going to miss lots of things about this place, and so will I.  I'm really looking forward to sharing the new experiences and lifestyle of our house and neighborhood with you, though.  The three of us are going to have a blast exploring our new hometown.

Having our own yard will be a wonderful change.  You are exceptionally exhausting at this current age, more so than you've ever been.  The reason for that, though, is that your mind and body are in constant motion, and it is so much fun to see what a sponge you are, taking everything in, remembering it, and telling us about it later.  It's great, but it is also profoundly tiring, and I can't wait to have a yard where you can run free and use up some of that boundless energy. 

You wear me out, kid, that is for absolute certain.  Keep up the good work.



maresi said...

Oh, I love this boy!

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