I did something so stupid today.  As I was backing out of my long, narrow driveway, Emmett gave a very loud, piercing shriek in the backseat.  I turned my head to check on him, and as I did, my hand drifted on the wheel and it turned just sharply enough that I hit the fence.  There is a bush growing into the fence, with sturdy branches, which I was unfortunate enough to connect with.  I got out and saw a little bit of scraping and green marks at the side corner of the bumper, figured it wasn't so bad, and went on my way.  When I parked and got out of the car at Target, I went around to the back of the car.  That was when I discovered the grapefruit-sized dent in the back corner of the bumper.  Oops.  I feel so stupid and have been driving around like an old lady today, being extra cautious and hyper alert.  The dent is just cosmetic, fortunately.

The particularly annoying thing:  Emmett's sudden hysterical screaming fit was due to the fact that he dropped his juice.

The silver lining:  You know what?  I have my own driveway now. 


Katherine said...

Sorry about the dent, but I love how you ended this post. What a great feeling!

Anonymous said...

The call I received started with, "I have some not so exciting news to tell you."

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't know where you are buying grapefruit....

Elena said...

We all have stupid car moment sometimes, but I sort of think this is less of a "stupid" moment and more of a "good mommy" moment. Your instincts said jerk around to see what's up. That's a good thing, in my book! Also, congrats on that driveway! :)

Anonymous said...

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