tuesday time travel

Welcome to a new feature I am starting here!  I'm calling it Tuesday Time Travel.  Each Tuesday I will take you back in time, via photos from my past - some old and some more recent.

I'm kicking this off with something that may look familiar to some of you:

Emmett got to wear that leopard costume this past Halloween.  

I'm guessing the year of this photo to be 1987, though it could have been 1988.  Standing in Mamie & Grandfather's kitchen, that's me in the mouse costume and Greg in the leopard costume.  We had awesome homemade Halloween costumes when we were kids.  We used to go trick-or-treating by car, all around to different relatives' houses, since we didn't live in a walkable neighborhood.


Katherine said...

Wow - one of my first thoughts (other than how cute you and your costumes were!) was that you look just like Elena there...

Anonymous said...

You & Greg were fortunate to have a mother who loved Halloween and created costumes you could all actually be proud of - ooops ending sentence with preposition, bad thing! Love your Tuesday theme!

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