beasts on my lunch break

This afternoon, I was on the way back to my office with my lunch, sort of lost in my own little world, when a 6 foot tall brown furry beast jumped out from behind a large planter. I jumped a foot in the air and then caught my bearings and looked around. There were 20 or 25 more of these beasts milling around the sidewalk on that block. Many were hiding behind planters or cars, jumping out when someone walked by.

The people wearing these costumes must have been extremely hot; it was a pretty warm day today. Some also had clothing on over the costumes - dresses, jumpsuits, reflective construction vests. The costumes themselves looked something like a cross between a werewolf and those "creatures" from The Village.

As I continued walking, laughing and trying to figure out the purpose of this little stunt, a girl approached me and handed me a flyer and a small plastic package containing plastic fangs much like these (I would have taken an actual photo, but M has the camera). It turns out they were out in celebration of Halloween, and to promote ABC Family's lineup of Halloween movies. The beasts? Apparently they were supposed to be the creatures from this new TV movie, premiering during the Halloween lineup. Thanks for the fangs, ABC, but I believe I'll skip your new movie.

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to Chicago for a relaxing weekend with M. He's been there since yesterday, on business. We'll spend the weekend there together. It's a much needed getaway for both of us, and I'm very excited. Have a nice weekend!


Ma Ma to 3 said...

I would have died if a beast jumped out in front of me!!! I hate those things! I won't be watching that movie either. As for your trip to Chicago...HAVE A GREAT TIME!! Did you call Kat to have her visit while you are there? Make sure to take tons of pictures for us to see!

Mutha Mae said...

You'll almost next door when you're in Chicago. Enjoy!

Katherine said...

Hope you had a fantastic weekend - you got lucky with the weather here in the Midwest this weekend! We love visiting Chicago when we can... what did you end up doing?

Elena said...

What a strange experience! I think I would have had a heart attack!

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