lots of good things happening this week

I was in Florida until Monday wearing flip-flops and walking on the beach and participating in our goddaughter Maria's christening. It's a short work week. Yesterday President Obama (my first president -- the first one I have helped vote into office) was sworn in and I had fun watching the festivities on TV. Last night I had the first wind ensemble rehearsal of the semester and found out we are playing music from Candide on our end-of-semester concert, as well as doing another West Side Story concert. This morning Mike and I finally went to the gym in an effort to start exercising regularly again. After work today we are probably going out to dinner for restaurant week.

And, and, AND -- drumroll, please -- tonight is the season premiere of LOST. Can you tell I'm excited?? Thanks to my very talented friend LaTreash for designing my new header in celebration of the season premiere! We can barely contain ourselves in anticipation of tonight's episode.

In case you are looking for me, I will be parked in front of my television from 8PM - 11PM tonight, and I will not be answering my phone or checking my email. Please leave a message and I will talk to you some other time when LOST isn't on.

I still have more Ireland photos to share, and I will get to it this week. You are probably as annoyed with the posts being drawn out and far between as I am with myself for doing it that way. Also photos coming from our fun weekend with Maresi and lots of other family.


maresi said...

LOVE the header!!! I am SO excited for tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am super excited for tonight too! What a great birthday gift I am getting..thanks to ABC! :) I have been counting down the days!!

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