i hereby forgive the writers for all the mean things i said when i was worried they killed off jin

So. DUDE. LOST is out of control. First of all, Jin is still alive! And - he was inside the radius of the time travels! So the wreckage Locke and co. just found on the beach that looks fresh and has French printed on it is Danielle's boat. Now we know we are 16 years in the past - from 2004. So if we're considering this 2007 (are we?), then it's 19 years ago. And Danielle meets Jin. So does she recognize him in 2004 when the plane crashes on the island? Does she ever say anything weird to him or does she think she knows him? I might have to go back to other seasons to try and find out. Other observations, in the order they pop into my head:

*Whose long boat from some other airplane were they rowing? That doesn't make sense? There were no other commercial planes that crashed on/near that island, as far as we know. And WHO was shooting at them? Juliet says it wasn't her Others, and I think I believe her. So when in time was that?

*Kate, helping Claire deliver Aaron. I wonder if they noticed sounds or people in the woods at the time. And can Sawyer etc. be in more than one place at a time? Can they run into themselves? I thought last week or the week before Faraday told them they couldn't be in more than one place at a time.

*I think we can be sure the baby at the beginning of the first episode this season was Miles. If the nose bleeds have something to do with exposure to the island, Charlotte must have been born there too since her nose bled first, way before Miles' nose did. Or else maybe she just spent her whole childhood there. Miles must not have since he thinks he wasn't ever there before. But is he Marvin Candle's son or not?

*Will Locke's nose bleed before Sawyer's? Does his contact with Richard Alpert as a kid count as exposure to the island?

*Ok, back to the mainland. Ben keeps driving around that van, is Locke's coffin in it or is the coffin still with the butcher lady?

*I was totally sure Claire's mom was trying to take Aaron away. They fooled me.

*The lawyer guy creeps me out. And not just because he was the dad on My So-Called Life. I don't know what his deal is but I think he's doing more for Ben than just trying to make sure Aaron and Kate make it back to the island with everyone else. Ben must have something to do with him representing Claire's mom, right? And he's obviously in on what's going on with Hurley.

*Hurley in a bright orange prison jumpsuit.

*Who sent Sun that package? Are we still assuming she's working for Widmore? Is she going to change her mind and go along with Ben etc. when Ben tells her that Jin is still alive?

*HOW does Ben know that Jin is still alive? Who is communicating with him from the island? Is it whoever the butcher lady said contacted her and told her everything is on schedule.

*Will Locke try to move the island again like Ben did to try and make it stop time traveling? Will it work? Is it still 2004 on the island? I can't figure it out and if Locke leaves the island and ends up dead (or is he?) three years later, is he off the island and alive all that time? Or does crazy island time make him leave the island in 2004 and land in mainland 2007? My head hurts.

*Does Sun's baby have to go back to the island, too? Since Sun was pregnant with her when they left, is she required to go back to make everything right again, too? And if she doesn't go back, will she ever meet her dad?

*Kate totally will succumb to what Jack wants her to do now because he is all shaved and clean and looks like her island Jack again.

*I'm sure I am missing things but it's late. And I'm tired. So if we have any revelations in the morning, when I have my Thursday morning LOST recap and analyzation meeting, I'll let you know.

Also, one note from last week since I didn't post about LOST. The girl on the island, who was with Richard Alpert and then took Daniel to the bomb? She's his mom. Her name is Ellie and Ms. Hawking's name is Elouise. So. Daniel was held at gunpoint by his mom, who hadn't had him yet. And, ok, maybe more than one note from last week, but I think we now have something we can call a flash-forward-back. Because Locke just told Richard Alpert that he would be born 2 years later in 1956. Which is how Richard Alpert comes to find him when he's a kid and gives him those objects to choose from, remember? I think it was 2 seasons ago. But at that point Locke hadn't gone back in time to tell Richard Alpert when he would be born, and so that couldn't have happened yet. It couldn't have been a straight-up flashback. So I'm calling it a flash-forward-back.

And. Last thing, I promise. I would just like to gloat for one second about being totally right that the guy who attacked Sawyer and Juliet was Charles Widmore. He was expecting to become the island leader and somehow he got ousted by Ben and/or Locke and/or Jacob and/or Richard Alpert. But he still thinks it's his and he's trying to get back there, which is what his problem is now.


maresi said...

yes. to all of it. I totally hear you! it is out of control, but in the best possible way.

Fizzgig said...

i think the whispers is them time traveling they heard whispers all along thru the seasons.

i think they can be in more than one place in time, and thats why they werent spose to leave the island. they can screw eveyrthing up. its prob why in the beginning hurley had bad luck with the lottery numbers.

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